This website is dedicated to the genealogy and history of the Kemle family.

David Kemle began this research in ernest in 1988 and compiled the bulk of the information presented here. A small number of us try to continue this work, as time allows. We are indebted to people from many parts of the world, who have provided guidance, help, and the research knowledge required to present this documented family tree and history.

It is our sincere hope that you find what you were looking for, and when you leave, carry an appreciation of the ancestors who's shoulders we all stand on.

If you have any stories, knowledge, pictures or anecdotes on the Kemles, please contact us.


Protecting the privacy of family members is very important. On this site, the only details provided on living individuals will be their name, unless permission is provided. If you find information listed regarding your family that you would like protected, please feel free to contact us.

Terms of Use

The information presented on this website took thousands of hours to research and document. The information contained on this site may be used in your personal genealogical research. It may not be published or reposted elsewhere without permision.